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Rakesh Arora Photography Safaris is most notable untamed life picture taker – on a remarkable photograph visit to safaris. During the excursion, we will photo everything from minor creepy crawlies, bugs, frogs, and snakes to bigger creatures, like tigers, deer, and ungulates. We will catch the untamed life of Safaris.


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Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries


Wohoo.. what amazing is Indian wildlife in national parks as can’t be compared with African wildlife as it is made of Big 6. Asiatic lions , leopards , tigers , one horned rhino , Indian gaur (bison) and Asian elephant. Patience and skill has to eminent and look out for pug marks alarm calls of dear, sambhar, monkeys screeching. And dear running and enjoying wild music while holding your seats.

Rakesh Arora

Wildlife Enthusiast, Mentor Photographer, Geologist.

With the fondness of wildlife, and an enthusiasm for photography, combined together, Rakesh Arora is a wholesome package of a mentor, photographer, and a keen traveller. For him, its only about two things, to capture wildlife in their most vulnerable and natural instincts and to make other who pursue the same intertest experience the joy of spending time amidst nature with the wild. Rakesh is a geologist, and has a raw and appealing aura of connecting with the wild. He is an excellent photographer and a mentor for those who share the passion. He likes to record motion and make contact with the birds and animals with his undeniably amazing talent of photography. Be it dawn or dusk, whenever he is surrounded with wildlife, the time stands still for him and he gets a huge delight and kick from capturing the wild in his camera. It is his dose of yearning peace, smile, and breath. If you hold and share a similar passion, then this wildlife photography tour for you will be the best thing you do with your life. The wildlife photography packages have been designed by him and have been categorized well for amateurs and experts.


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  • I have quite recently been on a Bandhavgarh wildlife life photographic visit. The visit itself was very valuable. The convenience at Aranyak Resort at Bandhav Vilas was incredibly pleasant. Anyway, the entire experience was superb.
    Sandesh Murchy,
  • The eagerness to reach Kaziranga was precious. I truly value the custom photograph safaris and an amazing resort that was managed for us. Far from home, a bit of freedom and flexibility of going with such individuals. I enjoyed it a lot, and I anticipate figuring out the pictures and getting a charge out of recollecting all the things we did during our Kaziranga wildlife safaris.
    Amanda Celly
  • This was the best safaris adventure I have ever felt. My journey partners were incredible, the food and resort were brilliant and above all, I took in an enormous quantity about a collection of photography practices from our regarded Rakesh Sir.
    Tejas Chhadwa
  • Rakesh Arora Photography Safaris gave me considerably more than a normal safari visit. The friends, guide and the pictures collected from my excursion will remain with me until the end of time. My expectations were enormously surpassed by things I would never have conjured up.
    Walker Smith
  • Much obliged for a phenomenally sorted out Jhalana Ranthambore visit. The awareness and excitement have made the outing heavenly. We're enchanted that we picked Rakesh Arora Photography Safaris visit.
    Harris Lee


India's diverse wildlife is preserved in more than 120 national parks, 18 bio-reserves and more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries across the country. Any wonder India attracts photographers from all over the world who visit the country over the years to capture all its beauty and diversity?