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So, your kid also loves exploring places, going on holidays, and imagining new things? Think of a scenario in which you will place these to great use by letting your kid learning the innovative specialty of photography.

An early introduction to a varied group of talents and collisions can be crucial in your kid's journey for their life's love. You can easily transform your child's new skill into a leisure activity, drawing in your youngster's enthusiasm, animating their insight, stirring their imagination and even preparing them for the eventual fate of liveliness.

Through a progression of some practical games and ventures, they will gain proficiency with the essential parts of a camera and how to create pictures they will be glad for.

At Rakesh Arora Photography Safaris, we bring to you the Junior Photographer Workshop for kids.

What this Kids Workshop will offer?

This Workshop encapsulates fun and interaction with your Children and inventiveness in them and incorporates both study hall and outside sessions under the crazy teaching of a massive picture taker. Understanding, warm, comical and brimming with beans, he makes learning an act of courage to relish instead of avoiding it.

Beginning with the basics of advanced photography and camera dealing with, this Workshop will go through parts. It will prepare your youngster's innovative eye to picture the swarm wealth on the planet and provide them with the power of self-unification.

We understand and experience this need to offer balanced all-learning collisions to kids during their developmental years


Picture-taking Workshops at Schools

Research has set up that seeking after a side interest influences affect an individual's psychological prosperity; all the more so in kids. Photography learning can end up being an extraordinary type of an innovative outlet for your children. Allow them to investigate this road with our photography workshops at your school. In the workshop, we will present this interesting skill besides the science behind it to connect with your children and assist them with finding if photography energizes them.


Landscape Camps for

Our Environment Camps for younger students take the compulsory school trip to the following level. Far expelled from the regular chaos, youngsters find a workable pace in nature's wealth. At these enjoyment trips, we delicately influence the youthful personalities to absorb their environment and take a goose at the less-known parts of our living world.Through mindfully planned exercises, we permit coupling of their innovativeness and creative mind as online journals, verses, and draws.

After this Workshop, your youngster can:

    Pick fitting equipment for your kind of photography
    Use well-suited frames in any event
    Make in fact sound and stylishly satisfying pictures
    Get sharp pictures in for all intents and purposes any sort of light
    Different strategies to perform rare and extraordinary outcomes