Frequently Asked Questions…

Are wildlife safaris safe?

Yes! Even if all the safaris are carried out in an open vehicle, there is hardly any danger from wildlife when travellers are sitting inside the vehicle. More, on every safari we would have a Forest guide with us along with the driver and our expert who will help out if any unwanted situation arises.

I am not a professional or amateur photographer. Can i still enroll for safari tour?

Sure. Every nature lover is welcome on a safari! We feel every traveller must do a wildlife safari at least once in their lifetime! It’s an enriching experience for everyone.

What are chances of tiger sightings during the safaris?

Tiger sightings are dependent on tracking skills, knowledge of the forest along with luck. Weather conditions also affect tiger sightings. But all our safari tours are well managed with experts and local guides who help track tigers along with other mammals and birds

What is the best season to do a Wildlife Safari?

The wildlife safari season starts from October and lasts till June. In winter, from October to March one can have amazing birding opportunities with some migratory birds along with good tiger sightings and other mammals. March to May, as the summer approaches, one can have good tiger sightings along with other mammal sightings and birding. So if you wish you see and photograph tigers, we suggest you do a safari from March – May.

What are the camera charges for safaris?

In some National Parks, there are extra camera fees to the travellers who are carrying high-end cameras with telephoto lenses or video cameras for photography and videography. Rules are different for different forests. For example, in Tadoba, a camera with lens of 250 mm and above is charged Rs.200 per safari.

What is a Core zone and Buffer Zone ?

A tourism zone in any National Park is divided into two zones: Core Zone and Buffer Zone. Buffer zone lies around the periphery of core forest area. Most of the tourism/safaris takes place in core zone.

How many people will be there in the vehicle for a safari tour?

All wildlife safaris will have 6 pax in one vehicle (Unless otherwise mentioned particularly regarding 4 or 3 sharing)

Why do we need to book wildlife safaris in advance?

The safari permit booking starts 120 days before the actual travel date and is governed by forest department. More, there are limited number of vehicles allowed to enter each gate during every safari session.

What kind of facilities will be available at the destination?

Though we are taking you to wilderness far away from the city area, we have ensured that you will get at least all the required basic comforts during the tour. Our resorts in all the wildlife safaris tours are deluxe category; comfortable and homely.

What are photography opportunities for those keen on wildlife photography? Will they get guidance?

All our safari tours are balanced providing ample opportunities for wildlife photography. It not only focuses on tigers but also on other animals, birds, reptiles along with capturing beautiful Landscapes and natural beauty. Our experts also help the participants with guidance and tips for wildlife photography.

What are the safari timings?

Safari timings change from season to season in different National Parks depending on the sunrise and sunset. Usually a safari lasts for 3-4 hours morning and evening. Approximate hours of a safari are: Morning: 6.00 am – 10.00 am Afternoon : 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm