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Rakesh Arora
Photography Safaris

Offering unmatchable skills and strengthening concepts, Rakesh Arora Wildlife Photography Safaris and workshops are for hardcore nature and wildlife lovers. Rakesh Arora is the most celebrated wildlife photographer with a flair for mentoring people to embrace their passion. Wildlife Photographers witness the magic of a particular moment in time, making it a timeless part of collective memory.

Rakesh Arora’s wildlife photography learning delivers comprehensive instructions in aesthetic techniques with hands-on use of the state-of-art technology, equipment and software. Learning the joyous and fulfilling art of wildlife photography, Rakesh Arora takes pride in the world-class learning platform to curious and determined photography enthusiasts.

Our fundamental photography learning aims to cover an incredible range of exotic destinations, events, and above all those handy tips to capture the real moments of nature. Travelling and capturing has always excited people but documenting it elegantly and gracefully is an art! Discover the thrill and joy of wildlife photography. We will organise safaris to various parks and sanctuaries, also, deploying the best wildlife photographers’ team for your guidance.

Rakesh Arora

With the fondness of wildlife, and an enthusiasm for photography, combined together, Rakesh Arora is a wholesome package of a mentor, photographer, and a keen traveller. For him, its only about two things, to capture wildlife in their most vulnerable and natural instincts and to make other who pursue the same intertest experience the joy of spending time amidst nature with the wild. Rakesh is a geologist, and has a raw and appealing aura of connecting with the wild. He is an excellent photographer and a mentor for those who share the passion. He likes to record motion and make contact with the birds and animals with his undeniably amazing talent of photography. Be it dawn or dusk, whenever he is surrounded with wildlife, the time stands still for him and he gets a huge delight and kick from capturing the wild in his camera. It is his dose of yearning peace, smile, and breath.

If you hold and share a similar passion, then this wildlife photography tour for you will be the best thing you do with your life. The wildlife photography packages have been designed by him and have been categorized well for amateurs and experts.