Do's and Don'ts…

Right dressing

  • It is recommended to wear clothes that cover your limbs so that if one comes in contact with insects or dust, he does not get infected by any allergy or disease. Multilayer clothing is also a good idea.

Blend your clothes with jungle

  • Don’t wear bright or fluorescent colors as they might be disturbing for animals, or they might get scared or can also attract their unnecessary attention. Blending with the surroundings is actually the basic idea.

Stay calm

  • Be calm composed when inside the jungle. Don’t make unnecessary noise. Over excitement might keep them away from you.

Stay in right company

  • It is very relevant that you should cling to your group, headed by a proper leader or naturalist.

Light bag

  • Packing light is necessary. Only pick what you actually want inside the jungle. Wildlife safaris are not easy and hence can be tiring and exhausting; do not take any unnecessary material.

Do not forget to take

  • Carry your sunglasses, sun hats and sunscreen to keep yourself safe from sun rays and sunburns. Wear strong jungle shoes along with socks. Try to avoid wedges, sleepers, etc. which expose your feet to wild nature.

Medical aid and other necessary items

  • Don't forget to carry your medication in case you are allergic to Dust or animal Fur. Also take a first-aid kit, Band-Aids, Raincoat, mosquito repellent, antiseptic creams, water bottle, a small torch, small cutter, personal hygiene products, etc.


  • Jungle safari is a special occasion. Do not forget to carry a good camera so you can capture some good photographs of the flora and fauna.

Try not to feed animals

  • Try not to attempt to feed anything to wild creatures. Their careless behavior may prove deadly for you or for them.

Abstain from littering

  • The forest is home to the wild creatures and you ought to limit yourself from littering your waste to a great extent in their home.

Remain alert

  • Remain careful and stay away from an unaware and irresponsible individual. If you see any guest ignoring any guidelines, report it to the proper authority when it is credible.

Avoid animals

  • Try not to get extremely near wild animals to watch them closely. They can get frightened and attack you so as to ensure themselves.

No loud talks

  • Loud talks can pull in animals towards you. Stay under the radar in the timberland commanded by wild creatures.

Child trouble

  • It is prudent not to get little youngsters or newborn children in the wilderness as it is not really understandable to keep them calm.

Remain calm during photography

  • Try not to make any unsettling influence for the wild creatures while clicking photos or shooting recordings. Keep your camera streak mode off.

Fire alert

  • Try not to smoke or convey a flammable substance with you.

Mobile phone nuisance

  • Keep your mobile phones turned off or in quiet mode.

Try not to disturb

  • Try not to disturb animals by tossing stones on them or playing stunts to pull in them. You are a visitor in their home. Let them live calmly while you investigate the wilderness.