Covid-19 Protocols…

The safety and health of our, participants, staff, partners, Leaders and participants are of utmost importance to us. We are monitoring the COVID -19 pandemic information every day in relation to travel.
We are confident that we'll be able to return to our workshops and safaris in 2022. If we follow the health guidelines and regulations, we can ensure a safe environment that allows us to take advantage of the outdoors and continue to travel.


In all cases (unless you can prove a medical reason), the evidence of the COVID-19 vaccination is a must to go to workshops and safaris.


If you're not entirely vaccine-free, you must undergo a Covid-19 PCR test that is negative in the first 72 hours following your arrival. After taking your test to ensure the safety of all, we ask you to self-quarantine up until when you get to the clinic. There could be regular temperatures checks.


A negative PCR test for Covid-19 will be required for international flights as well as to be able to travel into most countries. Every country has its own standards, and these will be included in the complete information package.


Every place will need to be assessed, and certain precautions might differ from one place to place. However, the fundamental health requirements are followed.
A questionnaire on health and Covid-19 will be sent out to everyone who is taking part prior to departure.
A face mask is mandatory for all participants and participants when in vehicles that are closed (not Safari vehicles) or when physical distance at least six feet between participants is not feasible. Participants will be required to bring their masks. Enjoy the experience by dressing up in a unique mask. Some guidelines that we will surely follow:

  • Six feet of social distancing will be required when it is feasible.
  • Customers are asked to bring their own hand sanitizer. The lodges and camps offer hand soap.
  • Food meals that are part of workshops will be eaten outside if possible and in accordance with the guidelines that are in place as per local or state, federal, or global guidelines.
  • The guest is asked not to handle photography equipment/ equipment that isn't their own.


If anyone exhibits signs of COVID-19 symptoms, they will be removed from the group and put under isolation. Plans will be developed to seek medical attention or testing, as well as removal from the workshop as well as the need for quarantine. This could lead to cancellation of the workshop at our sole discretion.
Make sure that you buy the appropriate travel insurance to protect your trip in the event that you be positive for COVID or exhibit signs of COVID-19 and not be eligible to participate.